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October 3 - December 31

Obtain 9 hours of free continuing education lectures at your leisure, from the comfort of your home or office, available October 3 - December 31.

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 All lectures will be released October 3 and then will be available on-demand through December 31.

Veterinary Dental Radiographs - Positioning for a Diagnostic Radiograph

Sarah Blackburn, LVT

Dentistry & Oral Surgery

Handling Liquid Gold: Monitoring & Administering Blood Products

Elijah Gomez, LVT

Emergency & Critical Care

Feline Urethral Obstruction: Putting the "pee" in Preparedness, Procedure, and Patient Care

Lauren Bodenhamer, DVM

Emergency & Critical Care

Just Breathe! Common Respiratory Emergencies

Brigitte Norris, RVT

Emergency & Critical Care

What to Do Before Another One Bites the Dust

Monica A. Smith, B.S., LVT

Emergency & Critical Care

Spinal Radiograph Positioning and Application

Cynthia Boyd, LVT

Internal Medicine

Diabetes Mellitus Management and Diagnosis

Grant Ramsey, DVM (Practice Limited to Internal Medicine)

Internal Medicine

Prevention and Zoonotic Risk

Ella Mitelberg, LVT, VTS (SAIM)

Internal Medicine

Intravertebral Disk Disease & Herniation: What You Need to Know & Teach

Jackie Medina, LVT, VTS (Neurology)

Neurology & Neurosurgery

Diligent Diagnostics for the Oncology Patient

Madeline Ederer, LVT, RVT, VTS (IM-Oncology)


Ocular Preliminary Testing

Cynthia Alvarez, LVT


Minimally Invasive Option: Laparoscopy and Thoracoscopy

Cherie Murphy, LVT, VTS (Surgery)

Surgery & Orthopedics

Getting it Straight: Proper Radiograph Positioning for the Orthopedic Patient

Shannon Kelly, LVT

Surgery & Orthopedics

Bandaging Principles

Nicole Garcia, DVM

Surgery & Orthopedics

What to Expect When Your Injecting

Noemi A. Burgos-Chambers, LVT

Surgery & Orthopedics

Urinary Sediments and the Importance of Casts

Jessica L. Pierson, LVT

Surgery & Orthopedics

Postoperative Anesthesic Recovery Behaviors & Treatments

Micaela Hinojosa, LVT

Surgery & Orthopedics